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5 Social Media Strategy Ingredients You Must Have

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Although every social media strategy is tailored to the brand it serves, in my experience, these core elements are imperative to social media success. Even if your strategy is already underway, check that you have included each of these in your plan.


The purpose of your strategy absolutely must be your starting point. By setting strong, defined goals before you begin, you will create a clear picture of what you are heading towards. Your purpose should be in-line with your brand’s overall marketing strategy and core objective.


Before you even start thinking about content strategy, engagement should be a major point of discussion. Engagement is where social media excels, and the reason why it is so different from traditional media models.

Engaging with your audience online means asking and answering questions, sharing tips, tricks and ideas, generating and joining discussions, offering comments on content shared by others and developing lasting relationships. These relationships become the basis for your community, who will consume the content you produce later on.


When you do come to plan your content, quality is one of the most important factors. Creating and polishing your content is an important process, and one that should be given due time and attention. Publishing high-quality content online that is useful and effective for your audience will help you to develop a strong brand image in your industry.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different forms of content, but when you find the format that works for your brand, do it well.


The quantity of content you publish is incredibly important. Not because there is a magic number that you should adhere to, but because you need to find the perfect balance. Your industry, your audience and your brand are different to any others out there, so no recipe or cookie-cutter mold will do. Through research and experimentation, you need to find the right amount of content that keeps your audience coming back to you on a regular basis, but does not overwhelm you and your team.


Adding variety to your strategy will keep it fresh and interesting. Adding a new content form like a blog, a collection of photos or a regular video update will help you to attract new audiences, as well as providing a more dynamic experience to those you already have.

If you have a strong direction and purpose for your strategy, adding variety should not affect the message you’re sending, nor the type of audience you are targeting.

If you had to pick one of these to work harder on in your own social media efforts, which would it be? Or would you add something different to the list? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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