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5 Steps to a Successful Twitter Party

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media channels used today, and for good reason. In 140 characters or less, a person or business can tweet out useful information including links to sites, blogs and videos.

If you want to really magnify a message or cause, a Twitter party is an excellent way to achieve this. Whether you are promoting a new product, fundraising for a special cause or trying to bring attention to an event, the information below offers you the steps to take to pull of a spectacular Twitter party.

1. Schedule a Tweetup using Twtvite
The first step in hosting an online Twitter party is getting the invitations out and scheduling the event. A wonderful online tool that will do both for you and keep everything organized is Twtvite. Using this online service, you will be able to send out invitations directly to individuals on Twitter. They can RSVP by simply clicking their mouse. Twtvite keeps track of the event and all the details for you.

Twtvite Intro from 63 Squares on Vimeo.

2. Twitter Hashtag
One of the benefits of Twitter is using the hashtag or # sign in tweets for other tweeps to easily see what you are tweeting about. You want to make sure you assign a hashtag or two to your Twitter party. I frequently have Twitter parties for my outdoor cat enclosure, the Kritter Kondo and have participants use #KritterKondo in all of their tweets throughout the party.

Hashtags during Twitter parties are an excellent way to emphasize a brand or highlight a cause. If you have enough participants using the hashtag, you might even become a trending topic on Twitter!

3. Contests
You are going to want your guests to have a very good understanding of the product, service or organization, you are promoting. A fun way to educate your guests and offer them some giveaways is to play some games during the party.

When I first launched my Kritter Kondo product line, I hosted a Twitter party to educate folks on my product. During the party I had a contest and offered Visa gift cards as the giveaways. I tweeted out, “DM me two benefits the Kritter Kondo offers your kitty cat. Fifth tweep to DM me wins $25 Visa Gift Card” with a link to my site. This not only educated people on my product, it kept them engaged and having a fun time, as well as drove traffic to my website. Folks on Twitter love contests and giveaways. Do your best to offer up a variety of them throughout your party.

4. Twitter Avatar
Now that you have outlined the details of your party, you will want to create a Twibbon for your avatar and for participants to add to their pictures for promotion of your party. You will need to design your Twiboon first, and then go to and create an account and Twitter ribbon.

Check out the website now so you can get some ideas of your own Twibbon. If your Twitter party’s purpose is to bring awareness to breast cancer, you might want to set up an account that adds the pink cancer awareness ribbon to avatars. Twibbons are very important to have during Twitter parties; they act as branded name badges for guests and will help promote your event.

5. Blog about your Twitter Party

Last but not least, you are going to want to blog about your party. Once you have everything laid out and you have created a schedule, write an article about your Twitter party. Explain why you are having the party, give details about what the party theme is, and even list the times you will be having contests. Make sure to include any sponsors and/or giveaways so folks know what they might win if they attend.

Put links to the Twtvite and Twibbon accounts you created and explain the hashtags that should be used throughout the party. Your blog article should be an information, rich piece that acts as a thorough reference page.

Don’t be shy, ask for people to promote the page through tweeting, Facebook and blogging. Let them know your goal is to get the word out. The bigger the Twitter party the better!

Twitter parties are a great way to increase awareness for any business or non-profit. Building a solid foundation ahead of time will increase your chances of success and keep you organized. The more you do on the front end of the party, the less you will have to do during the party, giving you more time to kick back and enjoy the festivities!

Lisa Illman is the publisher of Krittersthattwitter, an online social media blog for pets and the people who love them. She is also the Inventor of an outdoor cat enclosure product line, the Kritter Kondo. Lisa sold her first 100 Kondos using Twitter two adorable cats, Madison and Abigail; they are her inspiration for her pet products and social network.

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