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Veenome Makes Products in Videos Clickable

Me: So where did the for Veenome come from?

Kevin: So actually Veenome was conceived through out a couple of different projects I have been working on and sort of dancing around a variety of different ideas around alternate entry in mobile. What I realized was that you know there is a way to improve

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Facebook 2012 Infographic

There are a lot of big numbers in this Facebook infographic design by Infographic Labs, so lets dive in and figure out exactly what they mean.

Facebook 2012

Facebook 2012: The Latest on Everybody’s Favorite Social Network by Infographiclabs

I remember having an economics instructor that would try to convey the weight or the meaning behind … Read more

Blogging Advice That Pays

Sophisticated Blogger

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing—professional blogger—Kimberly Gauthier. She is the blogger behind Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier, Adventures in Blogging, and Keep the Tail Wagging. She has some blogging advice for you. Kimberly started blogging to share her love of photography and has expanded her writing to share … Read more

DIY Search Engine Optimization For Your Blog

Woes of a Literal Marketer: SEO Juice

Okay, so we’re all on the same page: the basics of SEO are not complicated. You need to include the right keywords, have quality content so people will frequently visit your site, and incoming links so search engines know your website is valuable. True.

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Localmind for What’s Happening in Real-time Anywhere

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lenny Rachitsy, co-founder and CEO of Localmind—an app that combines a real-time, location-based Q&A platform with existing check-in services to give you ‘super powers.’

Me: How long has Localmind been in business for and what was the thought process involved in its launch?
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5 Social Media Strategy Ingredients You Must Have

Courtesy of Corina Mackay

Although every social media strategy is tailored to the brand it serves, in my experience, these core elements are imperative to social media success. Even if your strategy is already underway, check that you have included each of these in your plan.


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7 Facebook Page Apps for Improving Communication with Fans

Courtesy of Lior Levin

The challenge of a Facebook fan page for a company is the amount of time it takes to use it as an effective communication tool with potential customers. Thankfully, there are many valuable fan page apps that save you a ton of time when managing your fan page, make your marketing … Read more

Glympse is a Realtime App That Lets You Find Your Friends

What did Bryan Trussel, founder and CEO of Glympse, a hot new mobile application? The app shares your location with whoever you want for a limited time of your choosing.

Me: What is Glympse all about and how does it work?
Bryan: Glympse is all about making it very simple (and safe!) to

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