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3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Social Media Strategy in 2012

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With the new year upon us, you’ve probably made your resolutions (and hopefully not broken them yet!) for your personal life. Have you made any for your social media strategy? Using what worked in 2011 and what didn’t, now is a great time to revisit your social media plan and make some fresh goals for the year.

Before you get started, here are some tips to help you inject some fresh life into your strategy in 2012.

Add more video

The overhaul of YouTube’s design last year led to many social media marketers and writers predicting that it will be more of a fully-fledged social network in 2012. Whether this happens or not, social video seems to be a popular prediction for 2012′s social media trends.

Adding video to your social media campaign may give you a whole new way of reaching your audience, especially if you have focused on text-based content previously, like blog posts or status updates. If video is already part of your plan, you may want to try a new approach, such as regular, short video updates, a video blog or in-depth video coverage of your next event or promotion.

Make time to experiment

Experimenting with new tools, services, media types or topics is a great way to keep you and your audience engaged and interested. It can be difficult to do this on a regular basis, however, especially if you have a small (or non-existent) social media budget, and time constraints.

When creating your social media plan for 2012, try to schedule in a small section of time on a regular basis to experiment with new ideas. Even if it’s just ten minutes a day, this could be enough to freshen things up.

Branch out, just a little

Perhaps video is not suited to your brand or industry, or perhaps you already have a solid video marketing strategy in place. If you want to add something else to your social media plan for this year, try to keep it simple. Pick one area or one new network to add to your strategy, so your focus will not be spread too thin. This should give you enough time to devote to your regular social media activities, as well as incorporating your new area of interest to become a regular arm of your overall campaign.

Adding an audio element, a regular series of interviews, a new event or promotion, or a new way to involve your audience are all good ways to keep the creative juices flowing and encourage your followers to engage with you on a regular basis.

Have you already revised your social media strategy for this year? Or are you in the process? We’d love to hear what you’ve added or removed, and how your plan is shaping up compared to last year. Leave a comment below and let us know.

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6 Responses to this post.

  1. Aaron Lee's Gravatar

    Posted by Aaron Lee on 09.01.12 at 6:03 am

    Love videos and i think its the best way to separate yourself from other blogs as its easier to digest (if its short) 

    What about those who are camera shy? (like me). 

  2. Kimberly's Gravatar

    Posted by Kimberly on 09.01.12 at 6:03 am

    I enjoy videos and just made one today when the dog food we’re reviewing arrived!  I really like the idea of making time to experiment.

  3. Anonymous's Gravatar

    Posted by Anonymous on 09.01.12 at 6:03 am

    Hey Kimberly,
    How did you feel about making a video – did you feel like you could find time to do that more often?

    I think experimenting is really important in determining what works for your customers/readers, as changing your strategy without their support won’t get you very far!

    Thanks for reading.


  4. Anonymous's Gravatar

    Posted by Anonymous on 09.01.12 at 6:03 am

    Hi Aaron,

    I think you made a good point – I read this story ( at The Next Web the other day that includes an infographic about social videos. It says that videos of 15 seconds or less are rare, but are 153% more effective than longer videos!

    If you don’t want to make videos featuring yourself, you have a few options. Videos don’t necessarily need to feature anyone, you could make informative videos to teach your readers how to do things. You could also ask someone to help you, who doesn’t mind being on camera, and like a guest blogger they could get more exposure for their own blog by helping you with yours.


  5.'s Gravatar

    Posted by on 09.01.12 at 6:03 am

    Nice blog… really enjoyed.. keep it up.. We have also setup youtube and created animation videos.. we also shared on our Social media.. it works…


  6. Anonymous's Gravatar

    Posted by Anonymous on 09.01.12 at 6:03 am

    Yay! So glad you’re enjoying yourself. It feels good to hear. :)

    Sounds like you’re on the right track for 2012. Best of luck!

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