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How to Increase Blog Traffic Using Twitter

How to increase blog traffic using Twitter | Social Media Blog

It is often mistaken that tweets are meant for aggressive sales online. People tend to shy away from sales representatives who overtly try to sell products to them.

Posting some messages with 140 characters is more effective when linked to a blog. Write something interesting for your followers in your blog and cross-promote it on … Read more

The Power 150 Real Numbers Revealed

This month, the Power 150 list had to change their ranking system due to being shut out by the PostRank API which scored social engagement on latest posts. They now are only counting Twitter tweets and Facebook likes from the latest five posts in a blog’s feed—comments, stumbles on StumbleUpon, bookmarks on Delicious, Google +1′s, … Read more

Ayloo is the World’s First Conversation Network

Conversation Network | Social Media BlogToday I had the pleasure of interviewing Shaun Swanson, who is a member of the Ayloo team. Post interview, I wrote: “Well, it’s official. You’ve completely have my respect and admiration. This interview will be one for the memory books. Very impressive!”.

Shaun expressed his desire to establish separate voices for his Ayloo team … Read more

3 Things We Can Learn From the Google+ Suggested User List Fiasco

Google Failure | Social Media BlogBy Corina Mackay

The growing community on Google+ has recently been up in arms about Google’s creation of a suggested user list. The list is presented to new users during the sign-up process, encouraging them to ‘supercharge’ their stream by following celebrities and influential users chosen by the Google team. The controversy over … Read more

How to Nurture Your Twitter Community

How to Use Twitter for Business | Social Media Blog

“I nod to a passing stranger, and the stranger nods back, and two human beings go off, feeling a little less anonymous.” —Robert Brault

This feature film stars Robert. He captures the potential for human beings to connect in a paradoxical world, where we have increasingly broad ways to connect with our fellow men and … Read more

What a Runway Model Taught Me About Social Media

Social Media Model | Social Media BlogWhen it comes to the world of modeling, internet models often get a bad name. However, there are plenty of highly successful models who managed to get runway work, makeup expos, and even print work through use of social media. Some may consider it a form of internet modeling, while others consider it to be … Read more

Worst Social Media Marketer of The Year Award

Bad Advertising Campaigns | Social Media BlogMeet Jim. He works for Badhire Pharmaceuticals.

Full disclosure upfront: Jim is a figment of my imagination. He is also a near perfect example of what not to do as a social media marketer. Perhaps you’ve met Jim. He may even be sitting a few cubicles down from you. He is your company’s Chief Social Read more

Is CherryCard The Answer to Gaining Customer Loyalty?

Online Loyalty | Social Media Blog

Okay, here is the scenario: you walk into your favourite restaurant, get seated, order a killer entree—I recommend the smoke sable fish with peashoots. Alright, I veered of track. I’m back. The bill comes to the table and is accompanied by a red card courtesy of a relationship between your restaurant and CharityCard. The … Read more

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