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GutCheckit Levels Market Research Playing Field for Small Businesses

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It uses to be that small businesses just weren’t able to compete with big businesses or corporations on any level.  Then along came the Internet and modern technology and small business was offered opportunities that helped them up their game for little or no money and compete with those big corporations for customers and clients not only in this country but, abroad as well.

Of course there were still gaps between what big business could afford to do especially in the way of market testing. Now with GutCheckit some small businesses may be able to close the gap when it comes to market testing.

What Is GutCheck And How Does It Work?

Gut check it is a new program that allows small businesses to do their own market testing online (for a fee of course). You can determine in advance of launching that new product or marketing campaign whether or not your product or campaign is going to be a success or failure for less money than such testing could be done before. Here are some of the advantages of GutCheck.

  • You can choose the exact target audience you are aiming for when doing your market testing. Simply check the things such as age, sex, location, etc. and you will be given a list of people who fit that description that you can pitch you new product, website, or marketing campaign too.
  • You get two free interviews, after which you pay $40.00 an interview to find out from these people what they do and don’t like about  your product or whatever you are marketing. This will help you determine if they are likely to buy the product or visit your website and what they would change and what works and doesn’t work in your advertising campaign.
  • This valuable information can help you decide if the money you are about to spend launching the new product or marketing campaign will be worth it or if you need to make changes before launching the product or scrap it all together.
  • The number of interviews you conduct will be up to you and the type of response you get from those people you do interview. In some cases you may find that conducting 10 or so interviews gives you sufficient information, other times it may take many more interviews to get a general idea of how well you product will be received.

While $40.00 an interview sounds a pretty step price to pay for interviewing one person. However, when you compare spending a few hundred dollars for market testing, getting this valuable feedback could end up saving you thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars that failed launching might rack up, it seems a small price to pay.

While there will still be some small businesses that will find this service a bit to steeply priced for their pocketbooks and needs, it does offer many other small businesses another opportunity to compete with the “big boys” of business on a more equal playing field.

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