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Bonfire Offers Real-time Chat on Twitter

Bonfire Review - Real-time Chat | Social Media BlogCourtesy of Martie Lownsberry

Bonfire is a way for you to chat live with your friends on Twitter making your it more like Facebook. The Bonfire chat app is the brain child of Josh Russell and Jay Caines-Gooby.  It is simply a software package you install and then Integrate with your Twitter account.  You can then see which of your followers are online and even chat with them providing:
・ You are both following each other
・ You both have
・ provided you have Chrome or Safari

The Good
People will be able to both post tweets and chat with various people as the mood strikes them. Of course, this option may be great for businesses and politicians as they will be able to have question and answer sessions with customers and constituents at their leisure. So for those who are longing for real time chat on Twitter, this is a solution that shows promises.

It also affords an opportunity to connect with your followers on a deeper level. There is no lag in time, your messages are confidential and you don’t have to deal with the noise of other tweets cluddering your stream

The Bad
Since it first began Twitter has been able to develop its own identity instead of being just another Facebook mimic. One of the things that helped Twitter to have a separate identity was its lack of an IM function.

If Bonfire really takes off then there is nothing that prevents Twitter from adding an IM feature of their own making obsolete in short order.

Since you can only talk to others that download the Bonfire app, you still may not be able to chat with everyone that you want to even if you do mutually follow each other, which can limit the ability of this Twitter chat to be either fun or useful.

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