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KarmaGoat is Ebay Meets Craigslist Meets the Salvation Army

Introducing KarmaGoat from KarmaGoat on Vimeo.

Courtesy of Martie Lownsberry

KarmaGoat is a fundraising website that let’s you exchange those items you no longer use for a charitable contribution. The idea behind the site is fantastic and allows you to donate money to a variety of worthy causes by getting all your Facebook friends involved.

How The Site Works
You list an item, set a price, pick the charity you want to contribute to, share your item through KarmaGoat on Facebook and meet with the buyer to complete the deal. The buyer sends his money to the Karma Goat site and it is sent on to the charity while you deliver the goods to the buyer.

One problem is that it is unclear whether you can send the product to the buyer or if they need to live close enough that you deliver the product in person. Though it is possible that the two parties could work out that detail themselves.

Some Great Charities
KarmaGoat offers a lot of great charities to choose from such as the National Red Cross, Doctors without borders, The Starlight foundation, Invisible children, and the Heifer project international and many more. Best of all, if you don’t see the charity listed that you really want to donate too then Karma Goat will add it.

The Idea Behind Karma Goat
Many people who would like to donate to charities don’t because they simply don’t feel they can afford to. By selling items that are no longer being used people can keep their earned income and still donate to charities through items they no longer want. In addition, by buying products from and selling products to your Facebook friends you can set affordable prices that allows the entire Facebook community to benefit in this harsh economy.

It seems like pretty much any item is fair game for a charitable donation. Clothes, toys, furniture, whatever you have someone else may need. There was even one lady who would make a traditional vegetarian Indian Meal for you.

What’s Great About This Site And Their Mission
The great thing about this site and their mission is that by joining Karma Goat buyers and sellers can help their own communities by offering items others might need at affordable prices which helps the buyers save money. Then both the buyer through his purchase and the seller through his sale has the knowledge that they are helping others through the charitable donation. Everyone wins.

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