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In the last couple of months there have been a variety of applications geared towards helping businesses take advantage of their Twitter accounts to increase their bottom dollar. is designed to help businesses identify and create potential leads for their products and services and allows you to focus your time only on leads that will actually benefit you. It does this by dividing your followers into 4 distinct groups.

1. Engaged members. Those members that you have already started to build a relationship with and have shared communications with that have shown a real interest in your products or services.

2. Supporters. These are people who retweet your tweets making sure that all of their followers see them and know about your business, but don’t actually connect with you personally.

3. Influencers. These are people who may have engaged with you on a limited basis but, have a large number of followers themselves and are well thought of by those followers.

4. New leads. These are people you have never heard of or engaged with on Twitter but, who have mentioned your site, product, or services in their own tweets in a positive way.

By this sorting process you can get a clearer picture of which of your followers are the most likely to do business with you in the future or who will be most likely to promote your business to others. Instead of spending your time exchanging tweets with everyone of your followers or following everyone who follows to determine if they are interested in your business, now focus and attention can be given only to those who you determine are likely to be a direct benefit to you.

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What’s Good About This App
What makes this app good is that it allows you to be able to identify those who take some interest in your business, products, or services. This means that not only can you focus on those followers but, that you are less likely to try and hard sell your products and services because the people who you will be connecting with are already interested.

In addition, this will help you gauge what products and services the public seems most interested in. It may also give business owners and managers a chance to listen to ideas for improving their business that may prove beneficial.

Of all the apps that have come out in the last several months to help businesses promote themselves and their products on Twitter, this app seems to be the most beneficial and the least intrusive app that has yet hit the market.

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