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GutCheckit Levels Market Research Playing Field for Small Businesses

Courtesy of Martie Lownsberry

It uses to be that small businesses just weren’t able to compete with big businesses or corporations on any level.  Then along came the Internet and modern technology and small business was offered opportunities that helped them up their game for little or no money and compete with those big corporations … Read more

Marginize Adds a Social Element to Every Website

Social Plugin for any website with Marginize | Social Media Blog

Courtesy of Martie Lownsberry

Marginize is a plug-in that allows normal users to surf the net and leave comments or reviews on every site you visit and see what other users think about the sites as well. Once you download the Marginize feature you are all set to go.

Whenever, you visit a website, a … Read more

TimeSvr Brings Affordable Virtual Help to the Masses

Remote Assistant | Social Media Blog

I had the pleasure of interviewing Henry Plumley who oversees TimeSvr‘s user experience. My infatuation with TimeSvr—similar to a virtual assistant—began yesterday. I assigned TimeSvr over a dozen projects and was blown away by both the speed and quality of the results. I was in love and could no longer imagine life without

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What You Should Be Getting Out of Social Scoring Sites

By Kristi HinesThere’s a lot of talk about why scores shouldn’t matter or why you should opt-out of Klout and similar sites altogether. Then there are the people who are seemingly obsessed about the numbers themselves. But what you should be doing is thinking a little less about the number itself and be more … Read more

Bonfire Offers Real-time Chat on Twitter

Bonfire Review - Real-time Chat | Social Media BlogCourtesy of Martie Lownsberry

Bonfire is a way for you to chat live with your friends on Twitter making your it more like Facebook. The Bonfire chat app is the brain child of Josh Russell and Jay Caines-Gooby.  It is simply a software package you install and then Integrate with your Twitter account.  You can … Read more

KarmaGoat is Ebay Meets Craigslist Meets the Salvation Army

Introducing KarmaGoat from KarmaGoat on Vimeo.

Courtesy of Martie Lownsberry

KarmaGoat is a fundraising website that let’s you exchange those items you no longer use for a charitable contribution. The idea behind the site is fantastic and allows you to donate money to a variety of worthy causes by getting all your Facebook friends … Read more

What’s All the Fuss About Path?

Courtesy of Corina Mackay

If you spend much time online, you’ve probably heard all the hubbub about micro-network Path recently, since the app had a makeover to become Path 2.0. As a micro-network, Path is focused on small, user-centric groups. Although this means it’s not set-up to be a marketing tool like Facebook or Twitter, … Read more Takes the Guess Work Out of Building Relationships and Identifying Leads

How to Generate Sales | Social Media Optimization

Courtesy of Martie Lownsberry

In the last couple of months there have been a variety of applications geared towards helping businesses take advantage of their Twitter accounts to increase their bottom dollar. is designed to help businesses identify and create potential leads for their products and services and allows you to focus your time Read more

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