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TwitSpark Helps Brands Improve Their Customer Support

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TwitSpark is a new software application designed to help businesses make the most of their Twitter experience and help them turn tweets into possible revenues by establishing a better rapport between their business and Twitter.

What this software does is enables businesses to store, sort, and automatically follow any tweets that mention their company name. They can then view those tweets and respond creating a “bonding experience” between the business and the Tweeter.

How TwitSpark Works
You download Twitspark and then every time you enter your Twitter account the software shows you how many tweets specifically mention your company. This allows you to read and keep track of the tweets that mention your company and allows you to respond to any questions Tweeters may have or simply to reply to those passing comments that have been made.

The software also allows you to use canned replies for commonly asked questions instead of taking the time to tweet an original reply.
You can also see the stats and details of the users accounts including their Klout scores so you can choose to target specific twitters whose opinion carries the most weight.

There are a number of other actions this software allows you to take including putting tweets on hold to answer later as using automatic follow-ups on tweets you are expecting an answer on. As of now there seems to be no cost stated for purchasing this software.

What’s Good About TwitSpark
TwitSpark could prove to be useful to many businesses allowing them to use Twitter as a means of conducting business and bringing in more business as well.

It may prove useful as a tool in following what people are saying about the business as well and if the tweets are negative then by contacting individual twitters, businesses could find ways to improve their public image. If TwitSpark was used mainly as a way to monitor a company’s public image and to answer questions directed at the business then it would be a useful tool.

What Is Not So Good About TwitSpark
This product is not free. Costing starts at $399 per month, therefore, may not be economically feasible, particularly for small business.

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2 Responses to this post.

  1. Clive Roach's Gravatar

    Posted by Clive Roach on 21.11.11 at 10:32 am

    Interesting, but what is the advantage over using a free tool like Tweetdeck which can do almost all these functions for free (except the canned replies)

  2. Davy from TwitSpark's Gravatar

    Posted by Davy from TwitSpark on 21.11.11 at 10:32 am

    Hey Clive;

    TwitSpark is a multi-user platform meant for customer support teams. It makes sure that every user has its own username+password, without having to know the high-level twitter-account credentials.

    It stores all tweets that are related to your account, brand name, product names, search results, … indefinitely. This means that you have an unlimited conversation history that you can search through and consult years from now (unlike normal tools like the one you mentioned which only show the tweets from the most recent 1-on-1 conversations with a specific user)

    Other than that, TwitSpark has automated follow-up and a status-based “ticketing” system for individual tweets, just like you can find in customer-support software. It also prevents multiple sub-users to simultaneously reply to the same tweets.
    I also don’t think that your tool allows you to privately tag a number of incoming tweets under the same label, for later reference? (for instance, group all latest bug-report-tweets under a “bugs” tag and forward it to your dev-team?)

    The cool part is that TwitSpark is completely focussed at being the twitter-tool for customer support. It doesn’t treat twitter as a marketing tool, but is constantly developing features and improving the tool having in mind that it will be used by a customer-support team.

    .. these are not all of the features, but I hope this answers your question :)

    Have a great day!


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