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Social Start-Up Locate Express Offers Realtime Professional Services

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Courtesy of Martie Lownsberry

Perhaps the idea behind Locate Express was born out of the slow economy and the lack of steady work. Perhaps, the idea behind Locate Express came from a frustrated renter or homeowner who were tired of being placed on a waiting list whenever they needed some type of professional services. Wherever the idea originated from for Locate Express, the idea was certainly an inspired one.

Locate express is an internet match making service in Idaho. Only instead of matching potential partners for love and marriage, this site matches professionals with those customers who need their services. Whether you need a bit of lawn work done, your carpet cleaned or someone to fix that dripping faucet that is driving you crazy, Locate Express will help you find the professional you need quickly and easily without you waiting days or weeks to be fitted into someone else’s schedule.

Here’s how this matching service works.

  • You simply go to Locate Express and submit a service request for the type of service you are looking for.
  • Available professionals in your area let you know that they are available to provide the service you need.
  • Choose the professional you want from those available and submit your contact information.
  • They will give you a call and you tell how quickly they can provide their services.

It’s all pretty simple and a great way to provide emergency service to those who need it while providing work for those whose businesses which are slow or looking to pick up extra money. It may not be a match made in heaven but, it is definitely a match born of necessity and ingenuity.

The problem with Locate Express is that the service seems to be only available in Idaho but, who knows once others have discovered how useful the Internet can be for matching professionals with the people who need their services quickly, the idea is could catch on and grow. It’s only a wonder that the idea was not thought of sooner or by more people.

What makes this site truly exciting is the fact that this is American ingenuity at work. Not even a slow economy can stop those men or women of vision from seeing a need and finding a way to meet that need in way that benefits everyone concerned. Now only if we all lived in Idaho, we too could use this wonderful website to get the services we need as quickly as we needed them.

5 Responses to this post.

  1. Amit's Gravatar

    Posted by Amit on 14.11.11 at 9:06 pm

    Great. Thnx so much for sharing ((Hugs))

  2. Beth Sanborn's Gravatar

    Posted by Beth Sanborn on 14.11.11 at 9:06 pm

    This would be great for someone like my husband who has slow seasons during the year.  Hopefully it will get to SC soon!

  3. Doug Joseph's Gravatar

    Posted by Doug Joseph on 14.11.11 at 9:06 pm

    Thanks for the nice write-up!  Yes, for now we are only in Idaho, but hope to be in other parts of the country soon.    Just minutes ago we helped connect a local homeowner with a licensed and insured landscaper for a sprinkler blowout in 37 seconds.  Speed and quality is what we strive for.  Thanks again for finding us and great website yourself.

    Doug Joseph
    Locate Express, Founder

  4. Joe Halpern's Gravatar

    Posted by Joe Halpern on 14.11.11 at 9:06 pm

    How can we get this started in the Boston market?

  5. Anonymous's Gravatar

    Posted by Anonymous on 14.11.11 at 9:06 pm

    Thank you for popping in Doug! I have my fingers crossed that you will venture over to Vancouver, BC Canada at some point. :0)

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