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FreezeCrowd: Social Network That Connects People to Social Items in Group Photos

Interview with Eric Leebow, Founder and CEO of FreezeCrowd.

Q: What is FreezeCrowd?

A: FreezeCrowd is a new college social networking platform that connects people in group photos and crowded photos, possibly someday larger crowds, yet today it’s starting with group photos. The key differentiation here is connecting people in ”group photos” opposed to just a portrait photo that was found in the school yearbook or the freshman picture book.

Furthermore, everyone in a photo group could be connected to someone who knows someone, who can introduce someone to another person in a photo. You see, once there are 3 or more people FreezeTagged (our fancy way of saying tags) in a photo a magical button alongside the “Freeze” button appears called the “Crowd Control,” which allows people to easily make an introduction to crowdsource the way people meet in real life back to the Web. Everyone in the photo is connected to social items such as their role (i.e., Biology Major, Golfer, etc. you actually tag people in photos by their role), their favorite interests, favorite books, music, movies, food, color, etc. when they fill out their profile favorites.

What FreezeCrowd uniquely does is it aggregates the data from the profile page (possibly the Web and more places in the future) in the group photo and shows you statistics how people are connected. So, there could be 2 people in a photo who are Biology Majors or 3 people who are fans of the movie Back to the Future. People then communicate in the photos in what have been called, ”Speech Bubbles” which are connected to the FreezeTags to create an interactive chat forum.
FreezeCrowd’s FreezeTags are different from other tags because they are linked to data and communications. So, every FreezeTag links back to data associate with the person in that photo. FreezeCrowd shows Photo Stats (someday we can make this more interactive).

Q: What makes FreezeCrowd socially innovative?

A: This is a very thought provoking question, as every creator would like to think their idea is the next big thing. As much as I like to think we’re innovative, we’re far from reaching the vision of this technology.

FreezeCrowd is connecting people in groups through visuals (i.e., the visual being the photo) yet more so the data points that link back to the photos and the FreezeTags.

I believe this leads us closer to automating social networking and future human communications which will lead to some Technological singularity in search and social connectivity. I believe the future of social networking is artificial intelligence. If you can have a better way of identifying someone in a photo by their role as the Biology Major, then FreezeCrowd could lead to the future of identity and statistics, as well as more really super cool future ideas that links data.

FreezeTagging or “Freezing” someone as the Biology Major or the Point Guard on the Basketball team means something. Currently FreezeCrowd is the only social network that categorizes photos, so you can say it’s a photo of a basketball team and the site provides primary roles that link to everyone FreezeTagged in the photo. So, you can say someone is the Center, Point Guard, Forward, or even the coach in the photo. Just imagine how this might work with more advanced statistics connected to this person in the photo, such as game stats or even a way to identify people in the future in a crowd of people or a group. Who you are in real life, is who you connect with in
the photo.

Q: Describe the type of person—target market—that FreezeCrowd is perfect for?

A: Currently FreezeCrowd is for connecting college students and alumni. We’ve opened the site for anyone who has a .edu or school email address. This is because my original idea was connecting the college students.
FreezeCrowd welcomes alumni who have school emails, as well as faculty and staff. It was my hope to get as many college students to join the site first, yet many alumni are joining as well. We’ve had many requests to open the site up to anyone with any email address.

Q: Where are you currently at in FreezeCrowd’s development? What milestones can we look forward to seeing FreezeCrowd achieve in the short term?

FreezeCrowd is in public Beta. We were in private beta for a long time, and it took us a while to get to the launch. My goal is for FreezeCrowd to get feedback from our users, and continue to iterate some new features as the site grows. The goal is to release another product that will be open to everyone in the shorter term that will connect to the site, yet cannot go into much detail about it.
Thank you Eric for the opportunity to interview you and best of luck with your new site!

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  1. Eric Leebow's Gravatar

    Posted by Eric Leebow on 31.10.11 at 8:08 am

    Thanks for the interview and posting about FreezeCrowd. 

  2. Anonymous's Gravatar

    Posted by Anonymous on 31.10.11 at 8:08 am

    My pleasure Eric! I’m excited for you & your new venture.

    Best wishes!

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