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Nextdoor: A Social Network for Your Neighbourhood

by Martie Lownsberry

If you are in your fifties or sixties you probably remember playing in the streets or the neighbor’s yard as a kid watched over by all the women in the neighborhood who gathered after dinner in the spring and summer to talk, share recipes, or simply enjoy each others company.

You also probably still remember your dad talking over the fence with the next door neighbour and all the men in the neighbourhood being on first name basis and borrowing tools from one another. It seemed like when all this was going on neighbourhoods were friendlier and everyone was happier.

Today neighbours often don’t know one another and most certainly don’t spend an hour in quiet companionship. However, there is a new social website that is trying to change all that it is called Nextdoor and the idea behind it is quite exciting.

Nextdoor is made of hundreds of tiny social websites. Each neighbourhood has its own website dedicated to getting to know your neighbours and to each help strengthen their neighbourhood by sharing information and getting to know each other in a safe environment.

In order to be a member of a Nextdoor neighbourhood you have to actually live in that very real neighbourhood. People join the website and share personal information as well as information about great babysitters, lost pets, where to get cheap DVD’s rentals and even where to find those great yard sales.

By neighbours getting to know one another in the safety of their own home perhaps eventually they will once again build trust in one another and not only begin getting to know one another in person, but give rebirth to those fun and fabulous block parties, those neighbourhood backyard cookouts and all those other great things that most people believe were long gone.

You can almost see this site becoming the tool that helps neighbours build stronger and safer neighbourhoods, help one another through the hard times and forge new and better ways to communicate.

Nextdoor hasn’t reached every city or every neighbourhood just yet since it’s a new website, but if you think you might be interested in getting to know your neighbours a little better then visit Nextdoor and see if your neighbourhood website is up and running and if not see what you need to do to get Nextdoor to come to your neighbourhood.

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