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Flattr: The Future of Giving is Social

By biohazardyez.

Flattr is great new addition to the world of social media. Basically, it is a micro donation system that can be used by internet users from all around the world to give support to great web content.

Bloggers, musicians, filmmakers, and others who could use some financial support could integrate Flattr into their portal. Kind users could register for a Flattr account, and set up a minimum of 2 Euros to give for donation. The user will then click on Flattr buttons next to content that they like. At the end of the month, Flattr will evenly split the donation and give it to the according people based on the Flattr clicks.

Flattr is the future of giving for social media. It is not easy to sustain a blog, or a website without any financial support, especially for those who does it for passion. This is why users of social media should register for a Flattr account for the chance to Flattr (give donation) or be Flattr’d (receive donation) so everyone’s efforts could continue on.

In short words, it is the perfect way to finance free work. Musicians can continue to create free music and share with the world, artists could continue to share his works online, and bloggers can continue to write on things that people enjoy reading.

Flattr is a great way to raise funds. It is slightly like the PayPal Tip Bucket, but it is basically a simple click with no need to make any decision or think how much you want to donate (as the cut is taken from the total you donate). Just like the “Like” buttons you see on social media websites, just click on the Flattr button to show your support for something that you like and feel deserve to be supported.

Donors will receive a homepage in which all of the content that they have supported are listed. This gives people the chance to support great web content, without having to take out too much, but according to their own budget. The splits might be quite small, but if combined with other supporters, at least those with great content will be able to get something rather than nothing for all their hard work. The world of social media is vastly evolving. With the arrival of Flattr, it makes it much easier to give and receive free great content on the internet.

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