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Social Media for Your Health

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When most people think about social media they think of it as a place where the young chit chat with friends, and keep up with family who live distances away and can seldom visit. Some businesses use social media to promote their goods and products and others just think of it as a waste of time.

Still others, especially those with children fear that predators abound everywhere and news media are quick to report the negative side of social media websites. And the truth is that while social media sites are all of these things to some degree these sites have served to better and even save lives.

Relieving The Isolation
Even with all the advances in medical technology today people still suffer from accidents, infirmities of age and disease that make getting out into the world difficult and sometimes impossible. In the past, these people often lived in isolation with only visits from medical personnel and family members to ease their days and hours of loneliness.

Then along came the social websites and these people were suddenly able to communicate with old friends and new. And talk to others who shared the same challenges and loneliness. It gave them a new lease on life to be able to connect with real people and to share thoughts and experience.

Reconnecting With Their Past
For others, social media has allowed them to reconnect with their past. Adoptees are using these sites to find family members, others are connecting with old friends, and even old flames. Even those who are in search of their family roots have been using social media to trace their family trees.

Saving Lives
However, one of the greatest services that social media has provided is that by reaching out to one another, lives are being saved. Suicides are being prevented and donors are being found and matched to help people who otherwise would not live without some act of a selfless stranger. There have been several incidents where both famous people and ordinary ones have tweeted about someone who needed to find a donor and these tweets have been retweeted and retweeted and possible donors have stepped forward and been found.

In cases of disaster, social websites have often taken the lead organizing money and supplies for those in need. They have urged people to give money, clothing, and even blood that has helped save lives and provide hope for those most in need. And bringing care to people around the world.

So don’t sell social media websites short. They may have their moments of seeming frivolity which serves its own purpose for millions. And it may at times have its negative aspects and even dangers. However, social websites have the ability to reach out and do good to all those who need it most. Social media provides fun, hope and help for millions of people around the world.

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  1. Houston L's Gravatar

    Posted by Houston L on 15.10.11 at 7:03 am

    I can certainly relate to these comments following recent surgery for cancer and current convalescence. Great to be able to keep in touch so easily and share information.

  2. Anonymous's Gravatar

    Posted by Anonymous on 15.10.11 at 7:03 am

    Hi, thank you for sharing! I’m happy that social media has played a positive role in your life.

    Social media has been good for people’s mental health, including mine, for a wide variety of reasons.

    I know a woman whose husband passed away & she found a lot of caring people through social media. Some of them had been through a similar thing with their loved one.

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