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Bird Competition to Launch New Fan Page

These are exciting times! MyBeak Social Media gets a fan page.

I’m saying good bye to my old, orange little buddy and looking for a new MyBeak bird to celebrate the launch of my fan page.

Can you help me choose a new MyBeak bird? The contestants are:

  • Buzz the button
  • Beaker the parakeet
  • Chirpy the lovebird
  • Cheeky the red robin
  • Polly the bluebird

To enter, a) Like my fan page and b) Tag your favorite bird as yourself, like you would any photo and c) may the best bird win!

How can you benefit from becoming a fan? My fan page will be a hub for people to share their favorite social media experiences from talking about a social media campaign to sharing YouTube videos.

The fan page will be a community focused on innovation.

Have you launched an innovative campaign that creates a unique experience with your target market? Share it with my online community.

Have you participated in a social media campaign as a consumer? Are you super excited about the experience you had with the brand / company? Share it with my online community.

Effective social media campaigns create an experience that people want to be a part of.

Look at Old Spice man videos that were watched more times in the first 24 hours than any other video and resulted in sales of its body wash of more than double.

The Tipp-Ex videos that allowed users to rewrite the story by whiting the title of the video. It demonstrated the product–white-out tape–in a memorable way. This resulted in an increase in product sales by 30%.

Innovation inspires others to create better products or services, be agents of change for creating cutting-edge processes and technologies and use new ideas to benefit others. These are the game changers of the world.

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