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7 Ways to Find Great People to Follow on Twitter

Is your Twitter timeline filled with the same boring tweets every day? If you don’t know where to look for new and interesting tweeters, you might be stuck with an ordinary feed. We found a few resources and tips to help you find the most interesting people on Twitter. And there’s a bonus to following interesting people: they might find you interesting too!


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WeFollow is one of the most popular Twitter directories. You can add yourself to the directory and find the most popular influencers in categories such as social media, blogger, music and tech. You can also search by keyword for more specific interests.

WeFollow is comprehensive and features the most important influencers in major fields of interest. You can also find tweeters by city or country if you’re interested in regional information. WeFollow should be your first stop when looking for new tweeters to add to your feed.

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Twellow also lists users by categories. Just like WeFollow, you can add yourself to a few categories and people can find you through keyword search. Twellow features the top users globally and in categories as well. It also has something called “twellowhood” where you can find fellow tweeters based on geographic location.

Twellow is not as comprehensive as WeFollow but it’s a great way to find interesting tweeters in a wide variety of categories. No matter how esoteric your interests, Twellow probably has it listed somewhere. Complement your WeFollow search by a quick stop on Twellow.


Listorious features a Craigslist-style navigation that’s more focused on user-curated lists than follower popularity. No only can you add yourself to the directory, but you can also participate in the list curating. You can search users by tag or look up specific categories.

With over 2 million users, you won’t need to search for very long before finding potentially interesting tweeters. The easy, minimalist navigation makes Listorious a wonderful browsing experience. Since it’s crowdsourced, you’ll find a lot of activists and tweeters with political interests.

Just Tweet It

Just Tweet It is another comprehensive Twitter directory divided by categories. You can add yourself to the categories relevant to your interests and follow potentially interesting tweeters.

The site features a drop-down menu for easy navigation, a weekly Featured Twitter User, a blog full of Twitter tips and articles about useful Twitter tools. Just Tweet It is on the way to being the one-stop Twitter shop!


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Monitter has a different approach to finding new people on Twitter. Instead of relying on static directories, it searches tweets in real time according to a set of keywords you input in its search box.

Not only can you monitor several keywords at a time, but you can also filter them through geographic location to follow specific regions of the world. If you’re not looking for anything particular, you can just watch the “Trending” lists featuring three current Twitter trends.

The Monitter website lets you see active users tweeting in real time about the topics that matter to you.

Hashtag search

Beyond the directory sites, you can use a Twitter management tool like Hootsuite or TweetDeck to monitor certain hashtags or keywords. The Twitter site also lets you do these searches, but Hootsuite and TweetDeck let you keep those searches in separate columns that you can monitor along with your regular timeline.

I would recommend HootSuite as the best way to monitor your searches and keywords as it has extensive search capabilities; they get even better with a Pro account. You can also add your location or search for people tweeting in your area from mobile devices or their computers.

Follow Friday

If you’ve been on Twitter for any amount of time, you probably know what Follow Friday is. Usually known by the #followfriday or #ff hashtags, Follow Friday happens (you might have guessed) on Fridays.

Keep an eye out for the #ff tweets of your favourite tweeters. They are likely to suggest people you will enjoy reading as well. Most polite tweeters add a contextual explanation to their #ff posts: “great writers”, “people who know their social media”, “artists”, etc.

Have we left out a tool you like? How do you find new people to follow on Twitter?

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  1. Corey Michael Blake's Gravatar

    Posted by Corey Michael Blake on 11.10.11 at 7:07 am

    You don’t always need a tool for everything. Consider taking a deeper look at the people you follow who you enjoy the most. Who follows them is often irrelevant, but who they follow is frequently a cultivated list that includes some fascinating people worth paying attention to. Sometimes we can get caught up in all the tools. Once in a while a little elbow grease is the best solution.

  2. Anonymous's Gravatar

    Posted by Anonymous on 11.10.11 at 7:07 am

    Hi Corey, excellent point! You’ve officially added value to this post.

    The people that follows those you enjoy the most is especially relevant if they have a low follow to follower ratio.

    This says “hey twitterverse, I don’t follow everyone who follows me–I’m judicial about who I follow”, which often translate into accessing great people to follow.

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