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FreezeCrowd: Social Network That Connects People to Social Items in Group Photos

Interview with Eric Leebow, Founder and CEO of FreezeCrowd.

Q: What is FreezeCrowd?

A: FreezeCrowd is a new college social networking platform that connects people in group photos and crowded photos, possibly someday larger crowds, yet today it’s starting with group photos. The key differentiation here is connecting people in ”group photos” opposed to Read more

Unthink Aims to Dethrone Facebook


Top 10 Social Networks | Social Media Blog

By Martie Lownsberry

On October 25, 2011 a new social networking site opened its doors to begin beta testing. It’s a new site that is designed to dethrone the social website giant Facebook. While new media sources are already predicting that this new site will be little more than a minor annoyance to Facebook … Read more

Nextdoor: A Social Network for Your Neighbourhood

by Martie Lownsberry

If you are in your fifties or sixties you probably remember playing in the streets or the neighbor’s yard as a kid watched over by all the women in the neighborhood who gathered after dinner in the spring and summer to talk, share recipes, or simply enjoy each others company.

You also … Read more

How to Engage People With Your Content

Content Marketing | Social Media Blog

by Corina Mackay

If people are not engaging with your content, let’s be honest: there are probably a myriad reasons. Perhaps you’re not listening, your efforts are inconsistent or you’re just wasting too much time. From my experience, however, the concept of effort vs. reward can make a huge different to your engagement … Read more

What to Do If Your Klout Score Drops

How to raise your Klout score | Social Media Blog

Just when the wild world of the social media scene was just starting to make sense, Klout changes its algorithms for measuring online influence.

Now what? Take a deep breathe in and watch this funny video about Klout for a little comic relief.

Cute, but now back to reality. You might have just read an … Read more

How to Setup a Listening Post Using Social Media

Social Listening | Social Media Blog

By Corina Mackay

If you read a lot about social media, you will have heard that listening is important. You’ve probably heard it over and over and over. So, let’s cut to the chase and agree that listening is an important part of your social media strategy. Now let’s look at how you can … Read more

Get the Most Out of #FollowFriday

By Kristi Hines

Every Friday, you’re bound to see tons of tweets with the famous #FF for #FollowFriday where Twitter users recommend people they think everyone should follow.  You’ve hopefully been the recipient of these tweets as well!  But the real question, have you ever followed any of those people?

If you haven’t because you … Read more

Wahooly Aims to Monetize Klout Scores

Social Monetization | Social Media Blog
We’re living in exciting times, where given the nature of the social media landscape, there are lots of opportunities for innovation. It became clear that Wahooly lives and breathes this reality.

So, it was my pleasure to interview Dana Severson, founder of Wahooly. He’s a game changer, so enjoy!

Q: Can you give me your Read more

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