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How to Increase Blog Traffic Using Twitter

How to increase blog traffic using Twitter | Social Media Blog

It is often mistaken that tweets are meant for aggressive sales online. People tend to shy away from sales representatives who overtly try to sell products to them.

Posting some messages with 140 characters is more effective when linked to a blog. Write something interesting for your followers in your blog and cross-promote it on Twitter. This increases web traffic and is preferred by search engines when your traffic increases. You would direct the readers from Twitter to your blog though concise, short messages with that persuade followers to click on these links.

Sell products indirectly by driving traffic to your blog to expose your readers to your product. Remember customers want to be pulled to try your product from your website through your blog rather than pushing them to buy your product through Twitter.

Keep your blog up-to-date with your recent tweets to maximize exposure to search engines.

Place a ‘follow me’ link on your blog to Twitter or a share button to other social networking websites like Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn, etc. This encourages users to share the information in your blog to other social media networks and bring more traffic to your website.

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Babu M. Varghese is the CEO of IT Outsourcing company convensystech, a social media consultant, and author of the blog TwitterBlogPost. Babu is a management graduate who tries to view social media from a management perspective.

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    Posted by MonMorong on 28.09.11 at 10:04 am

    Excellent reminder tip to promote one’s blog on Twitter. Thanks!

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