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The Power 150 Real Numbers Revealed

This month, the Power 150 list had to change their ranking system due to being shut out by the PostRank API which scored social engagement on latest posts. They now are only counting Twitter tweets and Facebook likes from the latest five posts in a blog’s feed—comments, stumbles on StumbleUpon, bookmarks on Delicious, Google +1′s, LinkedIn shares, and other pieces of social proof are all out the window. This has hit some blogs hard, taking them from their spots in the top 50 to pages 2 and beyond, and led to distrust in the AdAge system.

The scores you see on the AdAge Power 150 are weighted from 0–50 points (there’s sort of more information about how they rank things in their FAQ, and those weighted scores total a blog’s overall ranking score. This is a snapshot of the top 25 as of September 20th.

But what do those numbers really look like in the raw? Being the statistics junkie I am, I thought I would take a peak into those numbers. Here’s what I found, along with some other stats I like to use to measure the strength of a blog when doing a little competitive analysis (note that Twitter followers, Facebook fans, Klout, and RSS subscribers do not count towards the Power 150 rankings).

Click the above to view a larger image.

What did I learn from my own little analysis of the top 25? There are clearly blogs that should be on the list, or at least higher up the list, and some that really should be further down it. Getting in the top 24 is not necessarily about how often you post or how popular your posts are—if you have built up enough backlinks, you’re probably set for life!  And if you don’t have backlinks, then your posts better get thousands of tweets and likes regularly. And your blog had better not be Mashable, because then you’re just not counted as a marketing blog altogether (that or they are just not in the top 50 and the search box is broken).

So my questions for you are…Do you agree with the scoring system and that these are the best of the best marketing blogs? Do you have suggestions of blogs that should be in that top 50 list but are not? What other factors should they be taking into account when measuring their system?

Be sure to visit the official Power 150 list and check out other great marketing-related blogs. Also, if you have a blog that has at least 50 posts, has been operating for at least 6 months, and has marketing as a topic on 50% of the posts, be sure to use the submit your blog link to get on the list!

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, blogger, and social media enthusiast who enjoys photography, tennis, and salsa dancing. Follow her on Twitter.
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  1. michaelqtodd's Gravatar

    Posted by michaelqtodd on 22.09.11 at 7:05 am

    Hi Kristi is this why you were looking at my blog ? :) Seriously I would love your help and advice with it. I am not very technologically advanced and someone else dos it for me but they have little design flair.
    I do not know anything about backlinks either

  2. This week's top 25 social media posts that you simply have to read's Gravatar

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  3. Pallino1021, LLC's Gravatar

    Posted by Pallino1021, LLC on 22.09.11 at 7:05 am

    Thank you, great analysis and context! With so much content and so many perspectives available today, I wish we could identify a ranking filtered by the quality of the content and not the number of admirers a blog has. Honestly, it seems that the same story or the same ideas are posted every day, but with different shock titles.

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