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What a Runway Model Taught Me About Social Media

Social Media Model | Social Media BlogWhen it comes to the world of modeling, internet models often get a bad name. However, there are plenty of highly successful models who managed to get runway work, makeup expos, and even print work through use of social media. Some may consider it a form of internet modeling, while others consider it to be a simply internet-savvy way of networking with people in the fashion world. Whatever the name for these women and men may be, they have some very good approaches that just about every business owner should try to incorporate in their own social media campaign.

Here are some tips for using social media like a model. Models are not only known for their looks, but their personalities as well. What makes businesses any different? Everyone associates businesses with certain characteristics, so why not emphasize them in your social media campaign. Think of Groupon’s goofy articles that they add to the bottom of every page, or even Apple’s sleek and edgy social media appeal. Use your company’s personality to speak for you.
A smart model knows when to drum up some drama, and when to keep quiet. One of the best examples of this that I have ever seen in social media was when a friend who owned a local business had a shoplifter come in to his store and steal a several hundred dollar coat. The community which he catered to was exceptionally tight knit. After a very quick description of the shoplifter, along with a very well-worded tirade about how violated he felt after being a victim of theft for the first time, the thief was found by a regular of the store and apprehended. The coat was returned, and all was well. On the other hand, a model who was cheated out of a magazine tearsheet let out a rant, and the community that she belonged to immediately shot her down, calling her a “crybaby.” The bottom line is to pick your battles wisely in the realm of social media. It can serious harm your company if you choose the wrong time to strike at someone who cheated you out of money.

In the world of modeling, especially alternative modeling, there is a very often repeated phrase that is said to newcomers, “Don’t let anyone take a shot that you wouldn’t want someone to see.” Believe it or not, this is very sound advice for a lot of things, including social media. Don’t ever post something that will put you in a bad light with customers. You will end up regretting it sooner or later.

More often than not, people check into models’ updates to find out their shoot schedules, where they are appearing, and whether or not they kept their hair the same length or color. Businesses which are constantly changing, such as nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and theaters should use a lot of their social media work as a way to keep people in the loop about the latest happenings.

Similarly, aspiring models and actresses use the Internet to connect with people, and to talk them into shooting with them. It’s in their best interest to reach out to others and network with anyone that they can find. Not enough businesses take this very important cue. Instead of being the passive, content-churning social media monster that rarely gets the leads and results you want, get people involved. Reply to their comments, and also make an effort to engage them in chats. You want a community, not a zombie horde.

If there is anything that models are known for, it’s images. Models are extremely smart when it comes to advertising using beautiful layouts, photographs, and just about everything else. In a world where everyone is judged on their looks, their hair color, their weight, and their clothes, it makes all the sense in the world to advertise by showing yourself at your very best. Strangely enough, some businesses don’t think about things this way. The bottom line is that if you make your social media campaign pretty, or at least wrap it in a nice package, people will be more likely to be interested in it.
Believe it or not, most of the models you’ll ever speak to are actually very smart. When it comes to networking, people skills, and also social media, the most successful models you’ll meet could often double as gurus in these very fields. So, if you want your business to flourish, it might be time to start posing as a model when it comes to your social networking decisions.

Guest blogger: Osyen Black. Photo credit from Flickr.

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