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Is CherryCard The Answer to Gaining Customer Loyalty?

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Okay, here is the scenario: you walk into your favourite restaurant, get seated, order a killer entree—I recommend the smoke sable fish with peashoots. Alright, I veered of track. I’m back. The bill comes to the table and is accompanied by a red card courtesy of a relationship between your restaurant and CharityCard. The card states that you have earned $0.25 to give to the charities of your choice.

In summary, you collect CherryCards at your business of choice, cash in your CherryCards online, and donate money to the cause of your choice.

Now on to the business side of things, two things are happening here: (1) You are creating goodwill / customer loyalty, and (2) your customer feels a sort of warm cozy feeling knowing that they have contributed money to a charity they’re excited about. Can you part with $0.25 per transaction? What about $0.10? How will this effect your brand image?

There is a 21st solution to giving that has the potential to give this program sticking powers beyond the obvious reasons. Well, it relates to a relationship between the virtual and social media worlds. You can sign-in with Facebook and engage your friends on the website. There is a modest gaming component—when you compete against your friends—that makes donating  fun.

What potential could a program like this have relating to giving in the future? Will the benefits of goodwill and customers loyalty outweigh the costs involved in doles out a fixed amount of change per transaction? Has anyone given this site a whirl? Any thoughts?

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  1. Noah Fradin's Gravatar

    Posted by Noah Fradin on 04.08.11 at 2:42 am

    My name is Noah Fradin and I am the founder of CherryCard. Thank you so much for spreading the word about CherryCard.. great post! We do deeply believe that the benefits of goodwill and customer loyalty outweigh the costs of the donations. Many companies already give to charity and CherryCard is an easy way to promote these donations and make donating even more appealing by turning these donations into a very powerful marketing tool. The New York Times recently reported that “80 percent of Americans were likely to switch to brands that supported a good cause” which shows just how powerful a motivator cause based marketing can be. I am so glad that you took an interest in CherryCard and truly appreciate the thought and support. If you have any questions or would just like to chat I would love for you and your readers to shoot me an email at Oh and we are currently working hard to support efforts to end famine in somalia. So, anything you and your readers can do to spread the word about the free $0.25 new users get just for signing up at can help a lot. $0.25 can give a starving child in Africa a meal!

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