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3 Tools That Will Revolutionize the Way You Tweet

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Twitter is hardly an oasis of perfection, hence the burgeoning bounty of tools designed to improve your Twitter experience. It’s hard to write this without sounding a bit dramatic, but the following tools may change the way you tweet… forever… meaning at least for a few months before some genius one-ups the effectiveness of these tools:

  • Refynr acts as a filter for your twitterstream so you can target tweets that only contain the keywords you’re interested in reading about, such as ‘social media’ or ‘google plus’ or ‘catnip’. You get the idea. This helps you break through the noise and save time finding the tweets that matter to you the most. What next?
  • Tweriod delivers that optimal times for you to tweet, that is times that increase the likelihood of reaching your followers. You can have upto 5,000 followers data analysed for free that will let you know that best times to tweet on Mondays and weekends. Fork out a few bucks to analyze 10,ooo or 15,000 followers with results that deliver an analysis for seven days of the week.
  • BufferApp lets you schedule tweets in advance, spread out over time. Sounds a bit like Hootsuite? Look a bit closer. You can use BufferApp to easily top up or bank your tweets to create a steady supply of tweets 24/7.

What have your experiences been with these tools so far? What other tools will enhance the effectiveness / efficiency of how you tweet?

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