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How to Nurture Your Twitter Community

How to Use Twitter for Business | Social Media Blog

“I nod to a passing stranger, and the stranger nods back, and two human beings go off, feeling a little less anonymous.” —Robert Brault

This feature film stars Robert. He captures the potential for human beings to connect in a paradoxical world, where we have increasingly broad ways to connect with our fellow men and … Read more

What a Runway Model Taught Me About Social Media

Social Media Model | Social Media BlogWhen it comes to the world of modeling, internet models often get a bad name. However, there are plenty of highly successful models who managed to get runway work, makeup expos, and even print work through use of social media. Some may consider it a form of internet modeling, while others consider it to be … Read more

Worst Social Media Marketer of The Year Award

Bad Advertising Campaigns | Social Media BlogMeet Jim. He works for Badhire Pharmaceuticals.

Full disclosure upfront: Jim is a figment of my imagination. He is also a near perfect example of what not to do as a social media marketer. Perhaps you’ve met Jim. He may even be sitting a few cubicles down from you. He is your company’s Chief Social Read more

Is CherryCard The Answer to Gaining Customer Loyalty?

Online Loyalty | Social Media Blog

Okay, here is the scenario: you walk into your favourite restaurant, get seated, order a killer entree—I recommend the smoke sable fish with peashoots. Alright, I veered of track. I’m back. The bill comes to the table and is accompanied by a red card courtesy of a relationship between your restaurant and CharityCard. The … Read more

Guide to Optimizing Your Blog’s Reach

Social Media Optimization | Social Media Blog

Today, I ventured over to Rich DeMatteo’s neck of the blogosphere as his guest blogger on Bad Rhino—a Philadelphia based Social Media agency—for a change of scenery, namely Rhinos instead of birds, there I answered the much-lamented question: how do I get more people to read my blog?

Photo credit: Mike Licht, NotionsCapitalRead more

3 Tools That Will Revolutionize the Way You Tweet

Twitter Automation | Social Media Blog

Twitter is hardly an oasis of perfection, hence the burgeoning bounty of tools designed to improve your Twitter experience. It’s hard to write this without sounding a bit dramatic, but the following tools may change the way you tweet… forever… meaning at least for a few months before some genius one-ups the effectiveness of these … Read more

Ahead, warp factor 6!!

How to Blog Successfully | Social Media BlogRemember the days of playing Pac Man on your Commodore 64? Sigh. Those were simpler times. Yes, I had a pager longer then was deemed cool and I was admittedly one of the last of my friends to join Facebook. That said, like many people today, I’m trying to keep abreast of what is going … Read more

10 Awesome July Tweets From People I Follow

Top 10 Tweets | Social Media Blog

Close your eyes and imagine a world where you can instantly view the most informative / inspiring tweets from a Twitter account in your field of interest—social media—on a monthly basis. Okay, now open your eyes and imagine no more…!!!

Thank you to the tweeps I follow for gracing me with some of the best Read more