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New! The Social Media Monthly Magazine

Social Media Magazine | Social Media BlogThere is a new magazine on the block and it’s called The Social Media Monthly. That’s right. It’s about the digital world of social media and it’s delivered in print format. Shaking your head? Print, OMG, no! Social media is a wildly dynamic world or restless users that demand mealtime solutions. This magazine Can this magazine survive given the restless users of social media that demand online, real-time solutions.

Editor and publisher, Robert Fine, feels that print is not dead and that “electronic media hasn’t quite replaced all of the intimacy you can get with a printed book or magazine” and social media is not an exception. Initially, the word intimacy might come across as a trifle hokey, but from curly myself up on my couch while flipping through the magazine while stopping to feel  each page to rolling it up under my arm on my way to my local coffee shop, I got! I understand what Robert means when he associates magazines with intimacy.

There are some tactile and interactive features in their launch issue that are a value-added feature for its readers. You can peel off a reusable wall decal on the cover and peel a card off an ad, visit CherryCard and donate 10 cents to your charity of choice.  Many of the ads take a minimalistic approach and most include a QR code in hopes of getting users to interact with the brand.

I put on my critical hat and feel that the article on Empire Avenue takes up a disporporionely large about of space–nine pages worth! That said, if the numerous parallels the founder draws between their Social Stock Market and Facebook and Twitter are accurate, maybe the length of the article is warranted.

The following are a sample of articles you can expect to read in the magazine’s launch issue:

  • Shifting social media into social transformation.
  • Data and context – The road to good decisions.
  • Looking for a job? Get on board with social recruiting or get left behind.
  • Brand advocacy in a socially networked world.

A selection of contributors include Tonia Ries – founder of Modern Media and The Realtime Report, Rory Cooper–Director of Communications for The Heritage Foundation and Duleepa Wijayawardhana– founder of Empire Avenue’s.

The article that really pops for me is Data and Context – The Road to Good Decisions by Shelly Krammer and Wendy Scherer that stresses the importance of understanding context to frame data and writes that “data combined with context is powerful” and concludes that “data is where it starts, context is the midpoint [and] great decisions are what follow”. The buzzword to take away from this article is clearly context.

Robert’s goal for The Social Media Monthly is to “create something that… you’ll look forward to receiving in your mailbox every month” and for this social media sponge, that magazine has done such that. It is the first magazine that I’ve read from front to back, including the advertisements!

What have you heard so far about this magazine? Do you think it will be successful? Are you planning on subscribing to this magazine. I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Monica Morong's Gravatar

    Posted by Monica Morong on 28.07.11 at 12:11 am

    Let’s see… $39.99 for a one-year subscription to the new Social Media Monthly when I can keep up-to-date on social media every day for free. Not convinced yet. So I checked the About tab on their web site and it showed me the contents of the latest issue. What I would have liked to see when making my purchasing decision was a bit about the mag founders, what their mission is, what the monthly content will centre around, who will be writing, how they differentiate from other information sources, etc. At this point I’m not convinced how subscribing to Social Media Monthly would put me ahead of the curve. :)

  2. lauraleewalker's Gravatar

    Posted by lauraleewalker on 28.07.11 at 12:11 am

    Thank you for your feedback and for doing some digging on the magazine!! I always appreciate your comments and seeing a familiar face on here.

    I would guess that your opinion would stand for the vast majority of business professionals; however, lets say that a survey shows that one percent of the business community that are interested in learning about social media would be interested in receiving a more tactile means of learning about social media in the form of a magazine. This small percentage of interest individuals could translate into thousands and thousands of people and given that there appears to be little competition, this could still be a viable business venture for, say one or two social media magazines, but then the market could get saturated quite quickly as a result of the low level of demand.

    Have a great week!

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