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New! The Social Media Monthly Magazine

Social Media Magazine | Social Media BlogThere is a new magazine on the block and it’s called The Social Media Monthly. That’s right. It’s about the digital world of social media and it’s delivered in print format. Shaking your head? Print, OMG, no! Social media is a wildly dynamic world or restless users that demand mealtime solutions. This magazine … Read more

Buyer Beware of Couponing Sites

Is Groupon a Scam | Social Media BlogDon’t get me wrong, I’m not scoffing couponing sites such as Groupon, SwarmJam and DealFind to the extend of banning them in my life. I’ve gotten excited when I see a manicure-pedicure combo for $25 or a $50 worth of food at a local restaurant for $25. I am however acknowledging that a dark underbelly … Read more

How You Can Benefit From Using Google+

Best way to do Google Plus Networking | Social Media BlogEveryone knows how quickly information can be passed along about anything on the internet. It generally spreads like wildfire if it’s shared with the right group of people in the right places. Now imagine that you can combine the art of social media marketing and Google+.

If you’re anything like I was up until about … Read more

Social Media Engagement Done Right

Social Media Stats | Social Media Blog

At the start of the year, the Digital Buzz blog published the results of a survey looking at social media penetration and engagement. I found the following statistics to be incredibly relevant to the average business professional…


  • 51 percent of people who follow a brand on Facebook currently buy from that brand
  • 41 percent
  • Read more