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Who Invented the Social Media Guru?

Social Media Guru	| Social Media BlogDo you call yourself a social media ninja, guru or rockstar? Are you looking to hire a social media… well, fill in the blank with another grandiose title or ill-suited fictional character of choice. Are self-proclaimed titles such as these professional? No. You usually don’t hear about human resource mavericks or accountant kings.

What might Read more

Guest Blogger: My Lonely Year In The Blogosphere

Guestblogging with Suzanne Rico | Social Media Blogs

My guest blogger Suzanne Rico who used to be the morning news anchor for KCBS-TV in Los Angeles, made a life-changing decision with her family and in the words of this talented writer of Walking Papers, she and her husband are “now 21st century nomads on a quest to discover what should come next Read more

10 Awesome Tweets From My Followers in April

Top 10 Tweets | Social Media Blog

Wish you could have someone sift through brilliant tweets related to social media on Twitter without having to lift your finger? Look no further my friend. My fingers just got a good work out.

Congrats to my followers and thank you for your great tweets. Keep them coming!

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