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Improve Reader Engagement with Social Media

Social Media Engagement | Social Media Blog

Lets dive right in, shell we? Today, the buzzword engagement has received a great deal of attention, yet many people are not sure what they need to do to achieve this. This is where TodayPulse helps company’s achieve this beneficial investment in a time-effective manner.

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How Authors Can Use Social Media to Reach Their Niche Markets

how to find a niche | Social Media BlogI had the pleasure of interviewing Susan Daffron, an award-winning author and publisher, about how authors can benefit from using social media to attract readers in their niche market. From addressing challenges authors are up against when promoting their books to recommending metrics to gauge whether their social media efforts are paying off, Susan … Read more

When is the Best Time to Tweet?

The best twitter marketing tips | Social Media BlogScenario: it’s Sunday at 3pm and your in the mood to tweet. Fingers are crossed that lots of your Twitter followers are online and ready to receive your tweets with open arms, meaning a desire to retweet or send you an @ mention and whatever other goals your business / personal site requires. The point … Read more

Is Your Relationship Strong Enough To Withstand Facebook?

facebook relationship problems | Social Media Blog

Courtesy of my talented guest blogger Jennn Fusion

Divorce lawyers report that social networking sites like Facebook are largely to blame for the tremendous spike in divorce rates and extra-marital affairs in recent years. Facebook was cited in 1 out of 5 divorce filings, one lawyer told the UK Telegraph. Similarly, Mark Keenan of … Read more

Little Things Important to Social Media

social media strategy examples | Social Media BlogCourtesy of my accomplished guest blogger Scott Spjut

Turns out, it’s all little things. Social media isn’t really about blitzes or viral marketing or big online campaigns, at least not for your average small business owner or blog. As much as we would love to have a huge marketing department to invest money and time … Read more

10 Awesome Tweets From My Followers in March

Top 10 Tweets | Social Media BlogWish you could have someone sift through brilliant tweets related to social media on Twitter without having to lift your finger? Look no further my friend. My fingers just got a good work out.

Congrats to my followers and thank you for your great tweets. Keep them coming!

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