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Social Media Forum

Welcome to the spanking new forum / blog post  for social media enthusiasts. The goal of this forum is to foster community, engage others and benefit from our collective knowledge on social media. In essence it’s what happens whenever a reader comments / adds value to a post. This specific forum / post aims to getting people talking about front of mind issues = whatever is on your mind about the world of social media from questions to suggestions.

Perhaps you want to discuss:

- how your company should budget for social media

- what you should  measure to determine the success of your social media efforts

- what core tools are essential for you to effectively managing your social networks

- how you can overcome social media obstacles

- how location-based applications can help your small business

The list goes on and on down some never-ending rabbit whole. If a topic is on your mind, lets address it now and get you forging forward to maximizing the benefits to your company that are made possible by social media.

Grab your beverage of choice and cosy up to your computer. What’s on your mind? Spread the word through tweeting, StumbleUp or shouting loudly in a crowded room. The more people that visit the forum, the more we all benefit from our collective knowledge.

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