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Can You Buy Your Way to More Targeted Followers?

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Perhaps the number of Twitter followers you have are growing at a turtle’s pace and maybe said turtle has injured its foot, thus slowly down to a mere shuffle.

Truth be told, as I lower my voice to a whisper, with a little bit of the greenback, you can promote your account to a targeted audience, meaning one that decides to follow you based on interest in what you have to say.

Twittercounter: You get more follows, either on a monthly basis starting at $65 per month or a one-shot deal starting at $245 and you can expect to received over 500 followers for purchasing the basic package, but results will very. The site boasts at being the #1 Twitter stats site and is powered by Twitter. Twittercounter tracks stats for over 10 millions users = jaw drop, so you will receive some stats to monitor your progress.

TweetFind: There are three separate kinds of packages you can use to promote your account on TweetFind on a monthly basis for$30 or $40 per month and on a yearly basis for $19 per year. Each option advertises certain claims, such as getting indexed by search engines and displaying up to 10 keywords for $19 per year. You may not see a significant gain in followers, so if you decide to go with TweetFind, try a monthly package, before committing to a yearly package.

Twiends: Lets you follow and be followed by working on the credit system. When you follow someone you get credits. Your credits decrease every time someone follows you. You can target people to follow based on similar interests / country and a ‘twust’ score, which gives you an indicator as to the quality of the account. You can also purchase one-off credits that start at $29.95 or a subscription package that starts at $6.95 per week. You can get a significant amount of followers this way. There is also a way to get many ‘Likes’ on your Facebook fan page. Twiends state that they adhere to Twitter rules. There is one very good reason not to use this service. Chances are that the majority of people following you are there to gain followers, not because they are interested in what you are tweeting, rendering your follow list virtually useless, however, if your only goal is to boast to others about how many followers you have, this option is for you.

Featured Users: You can purchase banner ads at Featured Users if you believe your followers are on their sponsored site. This allows you to create banner ads to promote your Twitter account. Banner ads start at $40 and lets you know how many clicks your banner has received.

All of the above sites allow people to follow your tweets, based solely on interest except Twiends, where everyone, there dog and maybe the odd cat will follow you, even if they are not interested in receiving your tweets. This is a key difference that will effect how useful / effective your Twitter account will be in achieving your personal and professional objectives.

At the end of the day, quality content and dialogue are very important factors in attracting and engaging your followers and keeping them interest, but just because you build it does not mean that they will come.

On to you, what other sites can you promote your Twitter account for a fee? Do they adhere to Twitter rules? Do you think it is ethical to advertise your Twitter account? My hope is to stir-the-pot, sort of speak and get a healthy debate going. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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  1. Stanford @ PushingSocial's Gravatar

    Posted by Stanford @ PushingSocial on 17.03.11 at 9:00 am

    Excellent list of great resources. When used responsibly each of these tools can help jumpstart a twitter growth campaign.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. lauraleewalker's Gravatar

    Posted by lauraleewalker on 17.03.11 at 9:00 am

    Hi Stan, it’s great to have you pop in and thank you for breaking the ice and adding value to my post.

    Btw, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking the Pushing Social Bootcamp. It’s definitely the best $10 I have ever spent. I especially love the audio recordings that you have, and how open you are to quickly answering any of my questions. I’ve started doing some social media work for David Chalk and it has been so beneficial to have a social media expert in arms reach. Thank you!

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