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Your MyBeak Social Media Forum

Social Media Forum

Welcome to the spanking new forum / blog post  for social media enthusiasts. The goal of this forum is to foster community, engage others and benefit from our collective knowledge on social media. In essence it’s what happens whenever a reader comments / adds value to a post. This specific forum / post aims … Read more

When Social Media and Work Collide

Social Media at Work | Social Media Blog

Courtesy of my talented guest blogger Jenn Burton

Social media has broken down barriers and given outsiders an inside look into other people’s lives. You can see your old classmates’ wedding photos. You can read a note from a nurse at your doctor’s office. You can see pictures of your boss’s 50th birthday party. You … Read more

Want to Date Me?

Watch @singleguy try to convince you to go on a date with him. One problem, he’s a social media manager and hasn’t been out in awhile. Enjoy!!

What do you think about this movie? Do you know anyone who’s remotely like this guy? What other funny social media videos have you found?

Btw, if there … Read more

Can You Buy Your Way to More Targeted Followers?

Twitter Automation | Social media Blog

Image via CrunchBase

Perhaps the number of Twitter followers you have are growing at a turtle’s pace and maybe said turtle has injured its foot, thus slowly down to a mere shuffle.

Truth be told, as I lower my voice to a whisper, with a little bit of the greenback, you can promote your account … Read more

How to Stay on Top of Social Media News

Social Media Today | Social Media Blog

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Everyday, a whirlwind of new activity in the social media arena buzzes around on web. Keeping up with things can be a daunting task, but being kept in the dark can lead to missed opportunities for your business to succeed. The solution: use tools that will help you effectively and efficiently learn … Read more

Introducing MyBeak David Chalk

David Chalk Social Media | Social Media Blog

Drum roll please! There is a new blog on the block. I’ve created a sister blog call MyBeak David Chalk. It’s actually one part blog, one part fan page. My motivation for this blog stems from some social media work I’m doing for David Chalk and opportunities I have to interview Chalk and essentially … Read more

Retweet Worthly Tweets for February

Top 10 Tweets | Social Media Blog

The way I see it, we each have our own type of social media bookmarking system on Twitter, it’s called our tweets, retweeted. This not unlike links that gets submitted to StumbleUpon or Delicious, except it’s specific to your own sphere of influence. Here our mine:

  • “The hardest thing for marketers is to turn over
  • Read more

10 Awesome Tweets from My Followers in February

Top 10 Tweets February | Social Media Blog

Wish you could have someone sift through brilliant tweets related to social media on Twitter without having to lift your finger? Look no further my friend. My fingers just got a good work out.

Congrats to my followers and thank you for your great tweets. Keep them coming!

1. Google Becomes Social – Twitter Flickr … Read more