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What are Community Managers and How Exactly Do They Spend Their Days?

Online Community Manager

What does the Community Manager do in my company? I don’t have a Community Manager; do I really need one? Would I make a good Community Manager?

It helps to know some of the common misconceptions about Community Management [courtesy of Blaise Grimes-Viort, a hat tip to you] to effectively answer these questions. In a nutshell, here are eight misconceptions about Community Management:

  1. It can be done by any Tom, Dick or Harry.
  2. They use their mouth piece to laze the day away.
  3. They need to be well known to be effective.
  4. Their work’s ROI can’t be measured.
  5. Their job is to sell a product / service.
  6. All of their work is done online.
  7. They’re forces to be reckoned with, not unlike Stalin. [really?]
  8. They’re 9 to 5′ers.

Now that we’re working with a clean slate, allow me to take you through a portal, Being John Malkovich style, into the heads of three different Community Managers. Lets assume that Community Managers do a broad range of things and often differ from company to company (fair assumption?). In that spirit, we’ll go and take a peak at three different Community Managers that each work for different companies. Lets go.

Scott Drummond, Community Manager @ Optus

  • Manages his inbox. He spends a fair chunk of his time here. He uses Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero approach to manage his inbox by compartmentalizing his emails into actionable tasks: Delete, Delegate, Respond, Defer and Do.
  • Monitors key metrics related to brand health and shares any significant information with various stakeholders.
  • Reviews and tweaks scheduled content that has been sourced throughout the company that is destined for various social media platforms.
  • Attends meetings with stakeholders, customer services team members, etc. about things such as strategies to enhance existing relationships.
  • Addresses strategic issues such as how to better engage communities.
  • Uses reporting tools to share insight from communities to employees.

Get a full breakdown of Scott’s day.

Lee Odden, Social Media Community Manager, Top Rank

  • Respond to company blog comments. He also uses a blog comment management tool to effectively reply to comments.
  • Visit Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn related to brand health and shares any significant information with various stakeholders.
  • Monitors news feeds and shares relevant news articles and blogs, i.e., via Twitter and creating blog posts.
  • Search for opportunities to engage with people relevant to the industry.
  • Monitors social dashboard and responds to information when necessary.

Get a full breakdown of Lee’s day.

Leighann F., Community Manager @ Yelp

  • Makes lots of phone calls to business owners, marketing partners, etc.
  • Emails possible venues for events.
  • Participates in meetings such as with people in the PR department.
  • Writes reviews on places of interest such as restaurant reviews.
  • Monitors and participates in communities by engaging people on on various topics of interest and sets out the welcome mat for new ‘yelpers’.
  • Hangs out with / stay connected with the community in the offline world. They go to bar crawls, new restaurants, etc.Get answers to more questions related to Leighann’s job.

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