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What Relationship do You Have with Your Blog?

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You’ve put your melon to work and have just finished writing a blog post. How do you feel? Maybe you feel a sense of accomplishment / pride or warm and fuzzing inside.

My relationship with some of my nearest and dearest blog articles are as follows:

Top 15 Best Blogging Practices: I feel appreciated as a blogger with this post. It was featured on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed and generated more than 10,000 reads. I was surprised when I discovered it have been translated into Spanish, French and Arabic and was being taught in high schools.

Get Sexy with Social Media: This video post that I created got me all worked up and left me feeling like a major geek. After two friends boast about how social media savvy they are, the conversation blooms into some sexy dialogue that only social media could make possible.

How You Can Get Featured on Freshly Pressed: I felt a sort of warmth and care for my readers, since I wanted them to get their moment in the spotlight on Freshly Pressed. I also felt connected to my readers and valued them more and more with every post since.

Top 10 Social Media Swag: I felt like whipping out the plastic and shopping a storm. I ended up buying a social mug, mouse pad, Netflix and subscriptions, customized Jones Soda bottle and some Twitter shoes. I’m lovin’ them all!

Lets Get You Laughing: I felt uber happy when I wrote this post. I got to watch and read some really funny videos, comics, spoof news and more relating to social media and then share that slice of joy with my readers.

Here, grab the talking stick! What is your relationship with your blog posts?

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  1. Little Johnny's Gravatar

    Posted by Little Johnny on 20.02.11 at 2:16 pm

    After I make a post I get soooo excited for it to go live. sometimes I think I want to release it early but I don’t. Some others, I get depressed for them because a only a few people saw them.

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