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Gmail Labs: Top 5 Settings

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You may not be familiar with Gmail Labs if you have not carefully tabbed through your Gmail Settings. So who cares? Well, Gmail Labs can help improve the way you use Gmail. If you have a Gmail account, this is worth a read.

What are Gmail Labs? They are experimental features that are still in the oven, so they’re not quite ready to be integrated into default Gmail settings. It’s worthwhile to peruse through the various Labs to find out which ones work for you. The Labs tab can be found under Settings. A wee caveat here: these features could disappear, be altered or break at whim, but do not fear. If there is a glitch with the Lab feature and you have trouble accessing your Inbox, there is an ‘escape hatch’ or link that will allow you to return to your original settings.

These are the five Labs that I’ve found most useful and are currently offered at time of posting.

  1. Google Calendar gadget lets you see your Googe Calendar in the left column, regardless of where you are in Gmail.
  2. Message Sneak Peek lets you peek into a conversation by right-clicking on your message from the comfort of your inbox.
  3. Auto-advance takes you to your next conversation after you delete, archive, or mute a conversation, instead of taking you back to your inbox.
  4. Superstars lets you choose from an array of stars and icons to categorize your emails. You are no longer limited to a yellow star.
  5. Undo Send lets you undo your big oops for a few seconds after pressing the send button.

What other Gmail Labs do you find helpful?

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