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What are Community Managers and How Exactly Do They Spend Their Days?

Online Community Manager

What does the Community Manager do in my company? I don’t have a Community Manager; do I really need one? Would I make a good Community Manager?

It helps to know some of the common misconceptions about Community Management [courtesy of Blaise Grimes-Viort, a hat tip to you] to effectively answer these … Read more

What Relationship do You Have with Your Blog?

seo best practices | Social Media Blog

You’ve put your melon to work and have just finished writing a blog post. How do you feel? Maybe you feel a sense of accomplishment / pride or warm and fuzzing inside.

My relationship with some of my nearest and dearest blog articles are as follows:

Top 15 Best Blogging Practices: I feel appreciated … Read more

Gmail Labs: Top 5 Settings

Gmail Labs | Social Media Blog

You may not be familiar with Gmail Labs if you have not carefully tabbed through your Gmail Settings. So who cares? Well, Gmail Labs can help improve the way you use Gmail. If you have a Gmail account, this is worth a read.

What are Gmail Labs? They are experimental features that are still in … Read more

Top 10 Things You Can Buy For $5

Fiverr Gigs | Social Media Blog

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Have you heard of a website called Fiverr? It provides a meeting place for people to buy and sell their products and services (mostly services) for – your guessed it – five bucks. You can select categories from social marketing and business to fun and bizarre. A little caveat, not all … Read more

Lets Get You Laughing

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Do you want some good, hardy, deep-from-the-gutt kind of laughter? These 10 posts about the funny side of social media and marketing was created for that exact purpose. Enjoy!

1. Another Twitter Parody, Meet Flutter. This is a YouTube video (under four minutes) and is a social media parody directed, point blank, at Twitter.… Read more