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10 Awesome Tweets from My Followers in January

Top 10 Tweets January | Social Media Blog

Wish you could have someone sift through brilliant tweets related to social media on Twitter without having to lift your finger? Look no further my friend. My fingers just got a good work out.

Congrats to my followers and thank you for your great tweets. Keep them coming!

1. Free social media monitoring tools more

Even the Pope Digs Social Media

Vatican Online | Social Media Blog

Courtesy of my talented guest blogger Jenn Burton

The 45th World Communications Day on June 5, 2011 has got Pope Benedict XVI thinking. Hey, Al Qaeda has an extensive video network, the Church of Satan has their own Facebook page, and tweets come from users like “Godless Atheist” and “I Am Godless”… so why … Read more

Did Etsy Kill Ebay?

etsy or ebay | social media blog Courtesy of my original guest blogger: The Review Chimp

In certain circles I mingle in, having an Etsy boutique (or two or three) is as common as having a Facebook or LinkedIn page. And in many ways, the Etsy community shares a more common thread amongst its users than many of its competitors. Why? Because … Read more

Social Media for Journalists: A game you can’t risk not to play.


social media journalism | social media blog

Courtesy of my perceptive guest blogger: Pablo Rodriguez Laurta

At this point in time, after the Wikileaks story came up, it would be disingenuous not to recognize the sheer importance that social media has swiftly gained in a matter of just a couple of years when it comes to the spread of news. Since … Read more

Top 6 Unusual Ways of Interacting With Your Phone

mobile phone tricks | social media blog

I remember back in the day when phones were only meant for calling, texting and taking photos. Times are a changin. Now there are new ways to physically interact with your phone. Sure you can use your phone as a bar code scanner, flashlight and compass, but I’m talking more hands on here.

1. Shake Read more

Six Efficient Ways to Create Backlinks to Your Blog

Top 6 ways to create Blog Backlinks | Social Media Blog

Courtesy of my talented guest blogger: Tracy Tay

There are many different aspects to running a successful blog. The most vital of all is getting backlinks. A backlink is a link on a web log pointing it back to the main owner’s URL. These backlinks have become a point of source to getting targeted traffic … Read more

Wisdom About Social Media From a 107 Year Old Woman

Courtesy of my insightful guest blogger Ben:

A friend recently sent me this very funny video of a pair of elderly gentlemen who get rather confused about technology. Not long after this I spoke to an elderly (107) lady on the telephone who was complaining how slow her 30mbs (very fast) cable internet connection … Read more

Do You Have A Social Media Hangover?

Too Much Facebook | Social Media Blog

Courtesy of my talented guest blogger Jenn Burton

“The hangover stage is necessary and healthy if social media is to achieve realistic potential for change,” writes Paul Gillin, a contributor for Business 2 Community Insider. This quote struck me as rather profound, given that most media is singing the praises of social networking on … Read more

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