Your Guide to Social Media Enlightenment – From Trending Topics to Innovative Startups

4 Things Social Media and Wine Have in Common

1. Both are used as a social lubricant

2. Both are dangerous to use/drink while driving

3. Millions of people use Twitter and/or drink wine

4. Both are highly addictive… Read more

Love it When People Retweet Your Tweets?

Re Tweet Button | Social Media Blog

I’ve seen numerous ads on how to get people to retweet your tweets. It says look at me world, someone values what I have to say and wants to spread it to the masses. Taken to the extreme, some people fondly remember the first time someone retweeted their tweets and felt all warm n’ fuzzy … Read more

10 Components of a Social Media Audit

1. Who is your target market? What are their demographics? How are their needs being met?

2. Is your target market online? Where are they online?

3. Does your company have a blog? What are your goals for the blog? Are they realistic? … Read more

10 Things I’ve Learned from Reading Social Media 101 by Chris Brogan

Introduction to Social MediaIt has been deeply challenging to summarize what I’ve learned from reading Social Media 101 authored by Chris Brogan simply because I’ve learned a lot, so this list comes with a caveat. It represents the main things I’ve taken away, but by no means covers all topics, however, it will give you a glimpse at … Read more

What Makes a Website Interactive?

Inspiring websites

Two ways

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Various definitions abound. Here’s my stance. A website is interactive when there is some sort of two-way interaction that puts the consumer in the driver’s seat.

That said, it is possible for a website to be engaging, but not interactive. Yes, I mean who doesn’t like clicking? For example, … Read more

What is Your Favourite Interactive Website?

Best Interactive Websites
fufu berry
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My vote is for Jones Soda. Why?
  • Jones Soda allows users to customize the label on their product and have it delivered to you. This product screams originality and personalization! When would you use such a product? You can personalize the bottle as a wedding favour for your guests,

Read more

Social Media and Transparency 101 – Part 2

Media Transparency | Social Media Blog

What do other people in the blogosphere have to say about the importance of transparency when engaging in social media marketing? Lets pick Toby Bloomberg’s brain on his posting called Where Does ‘Transparency Fit in The New Social Media Marketing Model? at Toby asserts that transparency is important for “communicating and forming relationships … Read more

Social Media and Transparency 101 – Part 1

Transparency:  full disclosure that you are a marketer. I’ve sifted through a string of tweets from a group of people that I’m following on Twitter that I fondly refer to as my ‘Geek Squad’. I also cosied up with my trusted social media books* of choice in hand and hunkered down in a local cafe … Read more

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