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5 Steps to Maximizing Your Exposure on Twitter

how to get people to follow you on twitter | social media Blog

Do you have something to tweet about that you think others can benefit from or that meets the needs of your target audience? The following five steps that will help you spread the word:

STEP 1: Identify how your tweets will meet the needs of your followers and tweet accordingly.

STEP 2: Find out what … Read more

Top 10 Quotes from my Readers About Social Media

Top 10 Social Media Quotes | Social Media Blog

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and adding value to my posts. Congratulations on making the Top 10 lists of quotes relating to social media.

  1. Blogging about upcoming events and follow-up blog posts help me gain visitors
  2. Zemanta is really cool – they suggest links, tags, and pictures. typhoidterri
  3. Research like minded communities and
  4. Read more

If apps gave you super powers, what super hero would you be?

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I’ve just purchased a shiny new Samsung Galaxy cell phone. What kind of relationship do you have with your phone? It’s already become my little buddy, a side-kick of sort.

Aah, now enters the world of apps. If I were an action hero, the apps would give me my super powers. What super hero could … Read more

How do you promote your blog?

marketing your blog | Social Media BlogYou've written your blog post and your feeling pretty darn good about it. The potential is there to reach others, to interact and help shape the views of people within your field of interest. How do you share your insight with the world? I use the following social media platforms:

What is your typical social media morning like?

Morning Blog | Social Media Blog

I wake up, get out of bed and feel like I’m being beckoned, a sort of come hither that draws me to my computer and leads me to do the following: