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Example of Measuring Sentiment: eHarmony

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How do you measure sentiment about a company. Lets use eHarmony, a dating site, as an example. I use HowSociable? to measure sentiment. A wide range of social media sites ‘talk’ about eHarmony. I chose the Twitter Tweets Score comments to evaluate sentiment.

  1. At work and asked the security guard how’s his nite been and he says “its great…Eharmony found me a date”.
  2. Doing this long ass questionaire for my new eHarmony account geesh they ask u 5 million questions.
  3. Love begins Here.
  4. Stop looking for love on twitter Demaria! Please visit
  5. Just watched an eHarmony commercial with one of the “actual singles” no surprise people are striking out on that site.
  6. Congrats to you & your eHarmony hubby & thanks for sharing your success! How long have you been married? Any tips to share?
  7. Eharmony can suck it.
  8. Not having luck with eharmony.
  9. I also met my life partner on eHarmony.
  10. Does anyone else wanna punch the guy in the eHarmonycommercial square in the neck!?

Based on the above statements, 5 out of 10 of them are positive, indicating mixed feelings about. This is only a sample of statements. Determining sentiments that are statistically significant would involve using a cross section of social media networks and significantly more statements for analysis.

Using Backtype, a social analytics platform that help companies understand their social impact indicates that Eharmony has received  2,184 Tweets. A sample of additional free tracking sources include:

Now I turn to you, my dear reader: what additional tracking services exist across the web?

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    Posted by Anita (Neaters) on 18.11.10 at 3:12 am

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    Posted by lauraleewalker on 18.11.10 at 3:12 am

    Hey lady! You found me! Thanks for sending me this very useful link. I have heard of it before and I’m going to play around with it now! I hope you interview went well!! Let Skype soon!

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