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Social Media Release Sample

I took a TweetFind Press Release and converted it into a Social Media Release for your viewing enjoyment. Gets a Major Facelift

Visitors can quickly find exactly what and whom they are looking for

Ruben Orozco
Founder of

Completely redesigned from the ground up, the new now features a new Web 2.0 feel, with a host of new features such as Twitter Lists Search, Suggested Follow, Klout Score and Foursquare integration and allows visitors to:

  • Perform a keyword search to find experts and  interesting “tweets” from thousands of Twitter Lists and Twitter users and live tweets.
  • Use a new Suggested follow box to find new Twitter content.
  • See the score – a “social influence: benchmark” – on select profiles.
  • Integrate Foursquare into profile results with its new Around Me feature to display recent Foursquare “check-ins” near the user as well as Nearby Live Tweets.
  • Browse the Top 100 Twitter users, the Top Twitter Lists and the Top Twitter Trends.


<img src=”” alt=”Ruben Tweetfind | Social Media Blog” width=”500″ height=”333″ title=”Social Media Release Sample | Social Media Blog”>
Ruben Orozco, founder of TweetFind. Photo credit: planetc1′s.


“Tweetfind is now an even better place for businesses and experts to be listed and found”. Founder of TweetFind, Ruben Orozco.

“The end result of Orozco’s efforts was a free, easy-to-use website through which people could create a listing, and immediately begin finding and networking with other entrepreneurs and businesses on Twitter.” Noozhawk contributor, Kevin McFadden

TweetFind was created in 2008 to simplify the Twitter experience for businesses and users looking for a way to get noticed on Twitter.


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