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Social Media Video Contest – Win $100

Do you want to win $100? Would you like to receive recognition for your video on my blog?

Can you take a social media and business (i.e., social media marketing) topic and create a funny, creative and informative video? You don’t need to be a social media professional to win. All submissions are welcome!

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Social Media as a Research Tool

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There is social media as a research tool for professionals and then there is social media as a research tool for personal use. These are two very different beasts.

I remember when I would think about something that I wanted to research and would need to leave the … Read more

Are you Memorable?

What is your social media personality? Regardless of whether you’re new to the social media scene and writing a personal blog (like me!) or you’re a social media guru tasked with the noble responsibility of creating a social media campaign – you have … Read more

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