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Where, Exactly, are Your Customers on the Internet?

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This information was just to juicy to pass up. In that spirit…

How much of my client base is on Twitter? How about Facebook? Is it worthwhile for me to set up a marketing campaign on these platforms? Flowtown is a company to watch out for. I did a test run and inserted email addresses that I knew had accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and Netflix and it didn’t seem to pick up on all the accounts, so this posting comes with a wee caveat. Test is for yourself, it’s certainly has worked for some.

You can import an existing database of customer emails and voila, you find out where your customers are – in aggregate – on the internet.

Love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage. Well, this article from Ignite Social Media called 2010 Social Network Analysis Report – Demographic and Traffic Data compliments this posting. It is what it sounds like – you get general information on the make up of traffic to a wide range of social media networks. It gives you another tool in your ever growing toolbox to get closer to understanding your target market’s internet communities.

My dearest reader, how accurate have you found Flowtown to be?

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