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Where, Exactly, are Your Customers on the Internet?

Social Networking Sites Statistics | Social Media Blog

This information was just to juicy to pass up. In that spirit…

How much of my client base is on Twitter? How about Facebook? Is it worthwhile for me to set up a marketing campaign on these platforms? Flowtown is a company to watch out for. I did a test run and inserted email addresses … Read more

Beautiful Social Media Art

From painting and tattoos to murals and jewellery, there are inspired artists that embrace social media as it becomes more and more ingrained into the threads of our cultural mosaic.

Now I turn to you, my dear reading. What are some other examples?Read more

What is your spouse really doing on the internet?

What things have you found out about your boyfriend or spouse with the little help from your cyber friend?

Like companies caught for being less then honest, more and more spouse’s are being outed for hiding something by harnessing the power of the Internet. The article Find Out if Your Spouse is Cheating Now gives … Read more

Top 10 Social Media Swag

Want to buy a gift for your social media loving super dork? What about for you? Bring on the swag! Enjoy my video!

10. Social mug 9. Tie 8. Wall decal 7. Shades 6. Mousepad 5. Netflix subscription 4. Customized Jones Soda labels 3.  subscription 2. Twitter shoes 1. Laptop knapsack.

My dear reader, Read more

Want Others to Experience Blog Envy?

Blog Envy | Social Media BlogIf you have your own blog or plan on creating your own blog this topic is likely to make you perk up a bit in your seat and lean in. Go ahead. If you also happen to author a blog about social media, then you might start salivating. I’m drooling. This could get … Read more

Get Sexy with Social Media

Do you know what it would sound like if a couple of social media geeks started to sweet talk each other? It would sound like this video, which also pays homage to the gaggle of social media lingo that exists out there in cyberspace.

Enjoy, my dear reader.Read more

Are you a Social Media Douche bag?

This video was created by a second party and I dedicate it to the countless men and women who have earned the right to be called a social media douche bag. Enjoy!

Social Media Douche Bag Recipe

- 3 cups of calling yourself a social media guru
- 1 Tbsp of registering with dozens of … Read more

Survey Test Design – Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3

Survey Designs | Social media Blog

Spendit Marketing Systems is a Vancouver based marketing company. They integrate traditional direct marketing with new media.

I plan on conducting a fictitious Test Design for this company which may include fictitious data. The point is to demonstrate a possible survey test design for this company.

Goal of the project is to learn why we … Read more

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