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Love it When People Retweet Your Tweets?

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I’ve seen numerous ads on how to get people to retweet your tweets. It says look at me world, someone values what I have to say and wants to spread it to the masses. Taken to the extreme, some people fondly remember the first time someone retweeted their tweets and felt all warm n’ fuzzy inside. Kick it up a notch on the extreme-ometer and what do you get? A guy romanticizing about getting his first retweet akin to having a first kiss! Enjoy!

Q: Do you remember your very first retweet?

A: It happened some time ago… I was at the Blue Dragon hotel. It was about 10 minutes before midnight. As I sat directly in front of my laptop and logged into my Twitter account longing for my first retweet. I felt butterflies in my stomach, then all of a sudden it happened my first retweet. Oh, yes. I remember it. It was something magical, like something out of a Harlingen romance novel.

Dear reader, do you remember your first retweet?

Photo credit: RenzoFerrante

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