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What is Your Favourite Interactive Website?

Best Interactive Websites
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My vote is for Jones Soda. Why?
  • Jones Soda allows users to customize the label on their product and have it delivered to you. This product screams originality and personalization! When would you use such a product? You can personalize the bottle as a wedding favour for your guests, a birthday gift for your best friend or a Mother’s Day gift.
  • You can enter the 7-11 Photo Contest where they pick two photos a day for the month, each getting prizes. All submissions get posted to their gallery for viewing, shazaam!
  • You can also play a Jones Soda-themed memory game and see how you rank compared to your peers, but, I think that veers more on the engagement side, then being interactive, but it is a cool website feature so I felt compelled to share it with you.

Your turn, what’s your favourite interactive website?

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