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Social Media and Transparency 101 – Part 1

Transparency:  full disclosure that you are a marketer. I’ve sifted through a string of tweets from a group of people that I’m following on Twitter that I fondly refer to as my ‘Geek Squad’. I also cosied up with my trusted social media books* of choice in hand and hunkered down in a local cafe shop to ponder:

Why is transparency so important to an organization? Transparency is the foundation that our customers need to trust us. We need our consumers to trust us for our social media efforts to be effective. That’s huge! Trust is your social lubricant applied liberally; therefore, it follows that if you’re not prepared to be transparent to your customer, you are using the wrong medium, adios!

*Social Media Marketing, an Hour a Day, Dave Evans.

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    Posted by Frank Schlapansky on 21.09.10 at 6:01 am

    Laura Lee!

    I’m shocked! You said douche bag!


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